Notefish Privacy Policy

Notefish respects your privacy. This document lays out our privacy policy. We hope that this privacy policy will help you to make an informed choice about using our services.

Policy Scope

This policy covers how Notefish treats the information it may collect during your interaction with the Notefish website or your use of the Notefish service. This policy does not cover the websites Notefish does not control including all websites that serve as sources for your Notefish pages.

Information Collection and Use

Notefish may collect the following information about you:

Registration information
When you sign up for the Notefish service we ask you to provide your name, your e-mail address, which is used as your user name, and your password. This registration information is necessary to provide the service to you.
Notefish pages
Notefish stores and processes all your Notefish data including pages, notes, links to your note sources, creation and modification dates, images and so on. Storing this data is an essential part of providing the service to you.
In order to provide services to you, we require cookies to be enabled in your browser. Cookies are small character strings we send to your browser to uniquely identify it. This requirement a standard practice used by many online services. The browsers we support have cookies enabled by default.
Server logs
Our equipment automatically records the information your browser sends to us when you visit the Notefish website or use the Notefish service. The information may include a page name, a page URL, your IP address, visit time, browser type, browser language, search string, and the cookies. We may use this information to research web site and service usage patterns, and eventually improve the service.
User Communication
When you use a feedback form on the Notefish website, we may record your user name along with your comments. When you send us an e-mail, we may store it for further communication with you, or for future reference.

Notefish only uses personal information for the following purposes:

All information Notefish collects and processes is stored in the USA at equipment of a U.S. hosting provider company.

Information Sharing

Notefish will not share information about you with individuals or organizations except under the following circumstances:

Information Security

All personal information is stored at facilities and equipment provided a by U.S. based hosting company who was able to demonstrate that reasonable security measures are taken to prevent unauthorized information disclosure or loss.

Policy Changes

From time to time we may change this policy and advise you to review it so that you can make an informed decision about using the Notefish service.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy please contact us at [email protected]